Hormone Balance for Better Weight Loss

How does progesterone, estrogen and cortisol affect the woman’s weight?  It’s important to understand hormone balance so you can have more effective weight loss.

Let’s start with estrogen. This hormone is needed for self-grow, but it’s also responsible for storing fat and retaining water. On the other hand, progesterone acts to balance out the effects of estrogen by turning stored fat into energy and acting as a diuretic. From age 35 to 50 a woman will see about a 75% drop in her progesterone, while her estrogen only declines by about 35%. This is often referred to as estrogen dominance, and it occurs when a woman’s progesterone is lower than her estrogen leading to bloating, weighting, low energy, poor sleep and other unpleasant symptoms.

But what causes this imbalance? Do you know any women under chronic stress? There are so many responsibilities and demands of work and family life. A woman’s body can run out of the raw materials it needs to produce sufficient amounts of cortisol. Because it needs that cortisol to protect from the effects of stress, it steals progesterone and converts it into cortisol. This drop in progesterone is what causes women’s symptoms to get worse.

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