Hormonal Imbalance in Women

How it Effects Weight Gain and Loss

Are you tired of not feeling your best, gaining weight and saying to yourself, “Oh well, this is just what it’s like to get older”?  What if you could feel up to 10Woman balancing on tightrope years younger?  You can! Most people don’t understand the aging process. There is a difference between what has to be and what is. We can show you how basic knowledge about hormones and a simple action plan can stop and even reverse the aging process and weight gain!

Hormones 101: What is really happening in your body?

Hormones are chemical messengers that tell your cells what to do.  When out of balance, which happens with stress, an overload of toxins and abuse of our bodies over time, signs of aging and weight gain will appear much sooner than it should. We look in the mirror and our hair is thinning, our nails keep breaking and our waist starts bulging!  Your libido disappears, along with motivation, zest for life, and even sometimes your sanity!

Cortisol is a stress hormone produced by our adrenal glands and it buffers our body from the negative effects of chronic stress.  When cortisol is depleted, the body converts progesterone, (a valuable female hormone) into cortisol.  This imbalance is called “estrogen dominance”.  Over time, this will cause your monthly cycles to stop prematurely.  Once this happens, the aging process starts to accelerate!    

How can you slow the aging process and stop gaining weight?

You can slow the aging process and weight gain by balancing your hormones through a completely natural approach (link to hormone page):  Improve your diet, exercise regularly and begin using an all-natural hormone cream like those available at Healthy Woman. Our trans-dermal creams penetrate into the bloodstream via a time-released delivery system, but exits in 18-24 hours so there is never any build up.  The Adrenal Support Cream will give your body the ingredients it needs to make cortisol, so it won’t have to use your valuable progesterone.  The Female Support Cream helps keep your progesterone levels balanced with your estrogen.  A continued, low maintenance use of the natural creams will help keep your hormones at the level of a 35-40 year old!