Synergie Treatments: More Than One Could Imagine!

Week 6: Synergie Body Sculpting – A Treasure Hiding Within This Program

I’m so excited about the progress I’m making – not only in terms of weight loss and strengthening, but also how much more supple and soft my skin feels because of the delicious Synergie treatments.  My Synergie experience thus far has been pretty wonderful.

First of all, I can really feel the difference in my skin and muscles with the increase in blood circulation.  Most people that know me, know I’ve got super tight muscles.  With Synergie, I’ve experienced some relief from the muscle tension – not only does it take less time for me to feel “warmed up” when working out, but also, the post-workout relaxation of my muscles lasts much longer.  This has been especially helpful for my yoga practice.

In addition to the physical benefits, my Synergie appointments have offered me some space to do much-needed self-care.  As a busy social worker, I’ve learned that to do my job well and be present for my friends and family, I need some time to restore  – and Synergie has been just the ticket.

The setting – a quiet, peaceful room and heated massage table – really sets the stage for relaxation and being more present in my body.

Finally, I’ve enjoyed learning more about the positive effects that Synergie has had with other customers.  Ann’s passion for this treatment method and her joy in helping other women feel better in their bodies is infectious.

Thanks, Ann, for the gentle guidance you’ve provided on this important part of my weight loss journey!

Week 2: The Most Important Ingredient in Weight Loss

Week 2

Almost halfway through my 8 weeks – wow!  It’s been amazing – have lost a little over half of my goal!  My clothes are a bit looser and I have more confidence in my appearance. I’ve learned to be patient and accept the bad days with the good. The eating has become routine and I’ve learned protein is important in weight loss. I look forward to the exercise circuit and the warmer weather to get outside more! I was fortunate enough to win a free synergie treatment – it’s painless and quite relaxing.

Week 5: The Challenges of Eating While Traveling

Week 5

Kind of a tough week on program.  I attended a 3-day conference out of town, so my food options at the conference were less-than-great, and each night I ate dinner out with old friends I’d not seen in a while.  For the most part, I did ok – thankfully I brought some delicious Healthy Woman oatmeal and plenty of protein bars and fruit.  However, lunch was a real struggle.  I ended up skipping one of the conference lunches – hot dogs and brats were clearly not gonna happen for me – and I paid for a healthier lunch at one of the resort restaurants.  For another lunch, I ate the pasta bar – but there wasn’t any protein source, so I was not really satisfied.  Again, I’d never been so grateful for remembering to pack those protein bars!  Despite these struggles, though, I managed to keep losing – and I kept up my daily exercise at the resort’s fitness center.    Plus, my friends and colleagues were really encouraging – and maybe a little jealous that I wasn’t tempted by those fried cheese curds or onion rings they shared!  Next time, with more careful planning, I’ll be even more prepared.

Week 4: This is a Diet, But I’m Not “Dieting”

Week 4

I’m finally feeling a little more confident about knowing what’s on my program.  While I appreciate that the plan is clear and I’ve gotten a lot of great ideas from the Healthy Woman staff, I want to be able to grocery shop and cook without having to consult the guides/materials all the time. That’s the key for this way of eating – to become a lifestyle and not just a diet that I have to ENDURE.  I’m also trying to add variety to my diet – getting in a rut of eating the same things over and over again will just not mean long-term success for me.  I’m definitely looking forward to figuring out more options with those great salt-free spices and spice mixes from Penzeys.  My turkey burger has been given new life with their Spanish smoky paprika, and my roasted cauliflower with garam masala – a wonderful collection of Indian spices – can’t be beat!

Leslie M. Week 3: My Big Surprise!

Week 3

I know I mentioned this before, but I can’t really believe how much I’m enjoying the circuit training.  I was super skeptical – I practice yoga and I include strength training in my water aerobics classes – so what could a couple rounds on the circuit machines really do for me?  My assumptions were just plain wrong.  I can feel myself getting stronger, especially my abs and shoulders – the very muscles that are toned in yoga, too!  I think the machines on the circuit work my muscles in new and different ways – and it’s paying off in strengthening and increasing energy.  Plus, it’s been interesting watching other members on the circuit – I’ve incorporated some different things into my circuit that I learned while watching others.  Finally, the circuit has been a fun way to get to meet the other members and cheer one another on toward our weight loss and fitness goals.

How to Get Back on Track

How to Get Back on Track

Most people don’t like change and therefore, find the process to be overwhelming.  As a result, it is common to de-rail from a weight loss effort, even after having had success.  Getting off track is particularly common during busy or more stressful times in life, leading us to return to comfortable habits.  So how do you quickly and effectively get back on track?  Organizing these 4 things will help you maintain a higher level of control even when other areas of your life are still overwhelming:

Organize Your Tools.  Just as an artist needs her paint and brushes, you’ll need key tools to help you stay organized on your weight loss journey.  The first tool is your eating program and journal.  When you have fallen off track, this is one of the first things to be ignored (along with the scale).  First, plan two or three days of meals in advance, writing down what you intend to eat.  Know that if you have a plan, you will be much more likely to stick with it versus winging it in a moment of hunger.  Next, get your measuring cups, spoons and food scale out and onto the counter where they are easy see and use.  Accurately measuring your food keeps you certain of maintaining the correct portions.

Organize Your Food.  Typically, when someone has gotten off track, it involves eating binges.  This may be a one-time event or involve days or weeks of eating “off program.”  The first step with food organization is to remove any unhealthy foods from your cupboards, refrigerator and freezer. If you have to, give it to someone who is not trying to lose weight.  Then, do the same thing at work by removing the sweets in and around your workspace.  Once the junk is out, the next step is to go shopping for healthy foods for your meals and snacks. Buy enough so you don’t run out – it is better to have plenty of healthy proteins, starches, fruits and vegetables on hand.  Set aside time to prepare several meals and place them in containers to make it easy to grab and go and to re-heat.  Pre-cut some veggies for snacking and have plenty of protein bars and shakes on hand for your in-between meal snacks.

Organize Your Exercise Schedule.  Research shows that individuals who exercise are more likely to stay on track with a healthy diet.  Of course, the converse is true; stop exercising and your eating habits usually suffer!  Getting in structured exercise at least 3 times per week is imperative, but if your life is at a place where that just isn’t happening, find ways to incidental exercise to each day.  For example, taking three, 10 minute walks have been shown to provide the same health benefits as one, 30 minute walk.  Use the stairs instead of elevators. Even something as silly as walking to the farthest bathroom at work will add up to extra calories burned.  Getting in 10,000 steps per day is shown to maintain weight where 15,000 per day assists in weight loss!

Organize your support system. Having support during weight loss is critical to success. However, your hired support doesn’t meet with you everyday, making it necessary for you to organize a support system at both home and work.  Often people don’t want to burden friends and family with their weight loss frustrations, but it is often only those individuals close to us who can help us push through tough times and not fall prey to self-doubt.  As a result, it is important for you to share your goals with friends and family so they know you are serious and want their support.  Let them know how to help you during tough times and reach out to them when you are struggling.  Setting short-term, attainable goals and using non-food rewards as motivation like a day of pampering or shopping. Involve your friends and family in the process so they can keep you focused and true to yourself.

With these 4 things in place, the last step is to have the proper mindset to getting back on track.  First of all, let it go and stop beating yourself up.  Blame, shame and guilt will not help matters; in fact, it usually makes things worse.  Next, focus on the positive.  Regardless of how far off-track you are, or how much you may have re-gained, you need to reward yourself for re-taking control.  Finally, sit down and write out clear goals and positive affirmations to read every morning and night.  Although it may sound insignificant, there is tremendous research that supports the power of positive thinking and written goal setting.  Now go get restarted!



Leslie M. – Week 2 – Overcoming the Unexpected

Starting a weight loss program is definitely challenging – I don’t think anyone would argue that!  While I knew there would be ups and downs and general life stressors, I wasn’t completely prepared for a super stressful second week.  I took some young friends on a day-trip to Milwaukee to see some fabulous art and attend the ballet – pretty fun, right?  While the art and ballet exceeded our expectations, the travel challenges were pretty extreme – we had two separate incidences of tires blowing on the highway and we had to spend the night at a hotel in Waukesha.  So, what does this have to do with the Healthy Woman program?  A lot!

The first time the tire blew, we had just enough time to get the tire changed before the ballet, but we had to skip dinner!  Fortunately, I had a delicious Healthy Woman protein bar to help me make it through the ballet.  We wanted to get home, so we decided to delay dinner again until we got closer to Madison.   Again, not ideal, but we were tired.  When the second tire blew and I knew we had to stay the night in a hotel, I thought for sure I’d have to break with my plan and give in to having pizza, the only available option for us.  Fortunately, we were able to order from Glass Nickel and I could stay on program with a spinach salad with carrots, celery and chicken.  It felt really good to eat delicious, nutritious food – and I was proud of myself for not comforting myself with a less healthy option, even in the wake of very stressful experiences.

In reflecting on this week – dealing with the fact that I had to figure out what to do about the car, work days full of meetings, and find time to scope out new cars – I was grateful to have the Healthy Woman meal plan to keep me grounded and in control.  While chaos was happening around me, I was able to feel some element of control because it was up to me to make the good food choices – not the mechanic, my insurance provider, or the car dealer.  Can’t believe I did it, but it makes me feel ever hopeful that I’ve got this!

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Intro and My First Week

by Leslie M.

While looking at Facebook one wintry night, I saw a post from Healthy Woman, a comprehensive weight loss center here in Madison.  I’d not heard about the center before, but I was intrigued by their holistic approach – nutrition counseling with one-on-one support a few times a week, circuit training, and body sculpting.

Like so many, I’ve been struggling with excess weight for as long as I can remember.  I’ve tried – and succeeded to some degree  – but it had been a while since I had committed myself to losing weight.  I’m an avid exerciser and have been for years. I teach water aerobics and I often take advantage of other fitness classes available at my gym. Plus, I have a consistent yoga practice.  While all of my physical activity feels good and helps keep me happy and grounded, it hasn’t always been paired with eating healthy.

In that Facebook post, Healthy Woman was promoting their contest for a lucky winner to take full advantage of their comprehensive weight loss program, in exchange for the winner’s willingness to share about her weight lost journey.   Without a second thought, I filled out the on-line application.  I thought that if I was lucky enough to be selected – which I wasn’t really expecting – I’d not want to waste this opportunity.  Well, I won and I’m very excited – both to be on this journey and to have the opportunity to share my experience with others!

About a week in and I’m learning about how to fit in all the components of the Healthy Woman system into my busy schedule, but I’m committed to making it work.  Thanks for the supportive staff here at Healthy Woman, I’m off to a good start!  I invite you to follow me on my journey – I hope it will be informative and inspiring!

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56 days (8 weeks) – Can I do this?

by Amy K.

Yes, one day at a time – it’s only 8 weeks! I’m at day 13 – DAY 13 already! I’ve had great results so far, but apprehensive to step on the “scale”! I’m doing this – eating right – completing the exercise circuit – and committing to losing fat weight! My clothes are already a bit looser and I’m excited to see what I can achieve in the next “13” days with the great guidance and support from the amazing Healthy Woman staff!