10 Reasons to Start Your Weight Loss Program During the Holidays

weight loss program during holidaysStart a weight loss program during the holidays?  It makes sense!

The majority of people who decide to lose weight do so after the holidays. No surprise there. What may be surprising is that those who begin their journey amidst the holiday season are more successful than those that wait until after the holidays are over.  That’s what I have seen year after year during the 15 years of owning and operating a weight loss program in Madison, WI. To me it’s a fact.

My theory is that because 70% of weight loss is mental, those that begin losing weight during the holidays are mentally stronger individuals. Let’s face it, choosing to start a weight loss program during the busiest, most food-focused and social time of year is quite impressive! But why can’t it be you?

That brings me to the 10 reasons for starting your weight loss program during the holidays:

  1. You stop making excuses and reject procrastination
  2. You accept responsibility and feel good about your decision
  3. You don’t gain weight during the holidays
  4. Your intentions impress your friends and family
  5. You feel better and enjoy the holidays guilt-free
  6. You make yourself a priority
  7. You shift the focus from eating to what the season is really about
  8. You go into the new year down 5-10 pounds
  9. You get to listen to other people’s excuses
  10.  You feel great knowing you are more likely to succeed

Come January, it’s not like all that stuff just disappears.  There will still be birthday cakes, ice cream and the candy dish at work.  Fast food will still exist.

Whether it’s now or after the first of the year, set a deadline to get started. If you intend to join a program, book an appointment now and you will immediately feel better about your decision to lose weight.